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Get in touch to discuss how to boost your marketing & communications strategy to support revenue growth and improve brand equity. Hands on and practical – SnöBerry is both strategic and operational.

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The service

SnöBerry is a consulting service helping companies with their marketing, communications, and B2B sales efforts to impact revenue growth and brand equity.

How it works

We work with your sales and marketing teams to co-build initiatives. Don’t have an inhouse team? That’s fine too. SnöBerry is both strategic and tactical.

[The story]

What’s a SnöBerry?

It’s Swedish-English [swenglish] for snowberry: a resilient plant that can withstand and grow in a variety of conditions. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

Established by Ramona Janson in 2023 in the midst of winter in Sweden, SnöBerry’s mission is to help partners grow and remain resilient in an ever changing landscape, by taking an integrated approach to sales, marketing and communication.

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Let’s co-llaborate, not co-mplicate.

Where marketing is a revenue centre.

Value driven initiatives.

Build pipeline.

Convert to revenue.

Retain clients.


Account Based Marketing

Go To Market & Content Strategy

Events, Webinars, Podcast, Video & Content production

External & Internal Marketing

Corporate Communications

Sales enablement & bid support

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SnöBerry AB

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