The story of SnöBerry

Established in 2023 by Ramona Janson in Stockholm, Sweden, SnöBerry provides consulting services to organisations looking for help within their B2B marketing & communications strategy.

[Why SnöBerry]

A snowberry is a resilient plant able to withstand and grow in a variety of conditions.

In the dead of winter, when the leaves of the snowberry bush have fallen – you will see on its bare branches white berries that are still standing strong against the wind, snow and harsh winter. Surviving in the winter – thriving in the summer.

Snowberries survive and thrive throughout the year – in a variety of conditions. And that is why SnöBerry was created: to help others thrive & survive.

Ramona Janson, SnöBerry AB


It’s Swedish-English [swenglish] for snowberry: a resilient plant that can withstand and grow in a variety of conditions. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

[the consultant, the founder]

Ramona Janson was born in the Philippines, raised in Australia and living in Sweden.

Bringing with her 20+ years of experience from working within business development and marketing for both global and national organisations, Ramona’s mission is to shift Marketing & Communications from a cost centre, to a revenue centre.

This is built on the idea that Marketing is one and the same with Business Development and Sales – and that one cannot function at optimum level without the other. 

Both should have the same objective: to drive profitable revenue growth for the company and its stakeholders by maintaining happy clients, happy co-workers, and acquiring new clients through its sales and marketing initiatives.

Ramona Janson SnöBerry